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Fellow Feline Links
The worst (feline) agent in publishing -- and proud of it
Editor-in-Chief of the Anipal Times

Cats Seeking Authors to Supervise
Find a shelter -- and a cat who needs a writer to supervise -- near you!

(In the Portland, OR area)
Non-profit, no-kill shelter in Portland, OR
Non profit, no-kill shelter in Vancouver, WA
Non-profit, no-kill shelter in Albany, OR

Welcome to the website of Editor Kitty, feline literary connoisseur. A cat as an editor, you ask, how can that be? In truth, editing is a natural fit for cats. Not only can humans benefit from our superior wisdom and insight, we enjoy telling them what to do.

You can use the links above to navigate to my other on-line appearances: Twitter, Facebook and my blog on the advantages of the Feline way of life. There's also a link to my shop should you find yourself with the understandable need to enjoy my likeness offline as well.

One of the missions I share with my friend Bad Agent Sydney is my devotion to pairing unattached cats with writers -- and other professionals -- in need of proper cat supervision. If this describes you, see the links on the left

Kitty Video of the Week
The Internet has long acknowledged Feline dominance. In my perusal of this virtual media, I have discovered video shrines to the magnificent properties of our kind. I reproduce these here for your enjoyment. However, I take no responsibility for any grammatical errors within these works.

Here's a cat who has trained their staff well...

Some Favorite Literary Groups

(Pacfic NW groups)